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Ofty's Riverside Campground's

Response to COVID-19

Ofty's Riverside Campground is committed to the safety and well being of its campers, as well as ensuring our own safety and protection during this difficult time.

As a member of the Manitoba Association of Campgrounds and Parks (MACAP), we are working closely with the association to ensure the continued safety of the campground once we open the season.

The following control measures recommended by the Province that would allow private campgrounds to operate while prioritizing public health and safety and will be implemented by Ofty's Riverside Campground effective May 4, 2020:

  • Only one entrance onto the property

  • No visitors allowed, only registered guests.

  • Office/Stores will have tape on the floor to encourage 6ft distances between people.  You will also find a sign outside the store limiting the number of people allowed to enter at a time to less than 10.

  • Sanitizers are installed at all entry/exits to washrooms and store.

  • Public washrooms are only to be used in a emergency, or if you are not in a self-contained RV unit i.e. tent, camper van, tent trailer or Boler type RV that have no facilities. Otherwise they are off limits. 

  • No more than 10 people at anytime at a site or picnic area. This applies to playgrounds as well.

  • Swimming pools, game rooms, arcades, pool tables are to remain closed. 

  • If a customer shows up and is clearly showing flu like symptoms they will not be allowed to stay.


  • RCMP, RM Police forces and Public Health inspectors will be performing checks to ensure that protocols and regulations are being followed and enforced.  


  • Penalties for violations are the following: 

  • -Fines will range from $50,000 to $500,000 

  • -Tickets will be issued to both campers and campgrounds owners for violations 

  • -$486 to the individual 

  • -$2542 to the property owner 

As the news regarding COVID-19 changes every day, these proposed measures will be made subject to immediate change or removal as advised by Manitoba’s public health officer.

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